Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Murder Mystery Dinner...mu wa ha ha ha...

As a few of you know, I am the person responsible for our elementary school's yearbook. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up doing it. Well, actually, the first year I sat and played Chicktionary while another mom did everything. She wanted my help...but not really.

After she up and moved away I was suddenly in charge, and frightened. My friend Adriane, who is the computer teacher, stepped right in and we have worked side by side the last two years. We have turned out some pretty good yearbooks. But, as always, I put in one humongous mistake just so everyone would know that I am human, and not perfect like they think.

Wait, where was I going with this....?

Oh yes! The murder!

So, McKinley is following in my illustrious footsteps and is on the middle school yearbook staff. To be on it you have to try out. Each student has to design an assigned page and a PDA ad. McKinley was chosen. It has been a wonderful experience for her and their yearbook is almost as nice as ours:)

The teacher in charge of yearbook is all about rewards. She has treated them all year long. The big finale was tonight and was an evening at a bed and breakfast in Guthrie. Several parents joined in and we were all assigned parts. It was set in 1948 and we were given some history and a little help in the costume area. We were supposed to dress for a fancy evening in that time.

I was quite interested when I read my name and description.

Suzette DuBois-Gui's girlfriend and nude model from Paris. She hates Gui's sister, Yvonne. Suzette wants Gui to marry her and they have been fighting all afternoon here at the inn. Everyone staying at the inn heard her threaten Gui but couldn't make out all the conversation. Suzette is a stuck-up, self-important, bitch. (That just had to be bold, don't you think?)

Could that be anymore perfect for me? Um, what? No? Oh well, I can certainly play along.

McKinley on the other hand...was a man. You see, there are more girls on the yearbook staff than boys. Several girls had to switch genders. She was all for it and certainly easier to shop for than me!

Derrick Worthington-The youngest Worthington. Derrick has been away in the Merchant Marines for ten years. He returned to town just one year ago. He became engaged to Sara Edmondson and she died in an automobile accident soon after. The car was driven by his brother Roger who walked away without a scratch. Derrick crawled into a bottle shortly after the funeral and has never come out.

We had quite a fun evening and a delicious meal. At the discussion and accusing time the 'girls' decided that the murderer was Derrick. McKinley was in with the 'boys' and when she heard the 'girls' accusation she was really excited! Sadly, Derrick wasn't the murderer.

I won't bore you with much more but will share some of my favorite pictures.

So, as you can see, an evening with victory curls, a dead fox, an embalming table, half a dead chicken, a muskrat coat, a freaky dummy, and a daughter with a mustache, how could it not be a wonderful evening?


Jon and Steph said...

OH HOW FUN! I have so wanted to do the Murder Mystery, but never had the chance! It sounds like you all had a very fun time!

Cozyflier said...

Love the enbalming table!! Looks and sounds fun! Never have done one of these, but have heard about them.

Great photos!