Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I Did Tonight

Mommy is leaving town. Without a husband. Or children. Well, not on a girlfriends trip, but to help out some family with a project. The guilt has already set in so I did this tonight before I leave tomorrow afternoon.

We were out of bread so that was a necessity.But the cinnamon rolls...those all have a purpose. Two pans go to Mark for his victory over cancer. Two go to Lubbock with me to share. And two get to stay here with my hunky husband and gorgeous girlies so when they're missing me they can have a little taste of my home cooking.

And if you can tell by the photos...there's one pan left. That one....I'm not sure. Still trying to decide who I like the most!Maybe they'll just make the 6 hour car trip with me. Hmmm, one for each hour of driving.

I'm on to something!


Alisa said...

mmm yum I'll take the extra pan!

Cozyflier said...

The extra pan can come to Lubbock, there will be plenty of mouths to eat them!!!!!

Can't wait to taste them! YUMMY!!!!

Robin said...

Umm, I think you should pack them up and ship them to me! And I love you too!

Debbie said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. They taste better than they look. They will make for a quick and easy breakfast for the girls tomorrow with some fruit and a glass of milk. Now we owe you. We are praying you through your travels tonight.

Lady Jane said...

I am soooo impressed!!

Leanna said...'s me from twitter (leanna_mom23)...didn't realize we were in the same state!!

Ummm....remember all that wonderful info I just gave you?? Those cinnamon rolls look really yummy! {hint,hint} LOL

BTW - happy belated birthday! and have a safe trip!

Loren said...

Stop it! Super Baking Mom! You're making the rest of us look really bad! :)