Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stinking Technology

After Shawn's soccer game tonight he mentioned that he needed to stop by my aunt's house and look at her sink.

I was on my third Sonic drink for the day (don't ask) and was really only thinking of the nearest bathroom.

As we were standing on her front porch I was planning my route around her, my children, and to the nearest bathroom.

As I was waving and running I stopped. Wait, which sink was he going to be looking at? I certainly didn't want to keep him from his appointed task. After all, I had a hot date with my couch at home and I wanted to speed this along.

I quickly asked, "Which sink?"

I could hear Shawn and my aunt coming but they didn't say anything right away.

I again asked, "Which sink?" And then quickly explained that I didn't want to go into the guest bathroom if that was the one he needed to be in.

By then they were both standing in the hallway looking at me with confused expressions.

Slowly, (because of my full bladder) they started laughing. I was about to start hopping when they finally told me she was having trouble with her 'sync'.

Um, yeah. Syncing her iPhone to her computer.

Stinking technology.


Mommyfried said...

That could have so easily been me!

Robin said...

Now that's funny! Happy Easter!!!

Cozyflier said...

Oh Stephanie!!! You poor thing, guess you'll have to tune up your listening ears!

Kelly said...

Mwahahhaaahhhaaa LMAO your are too funny!