Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birthday Palooza

I've been mentioning on my Facebook status updates that I'm still celebrating my birthday. A friend gave me the above title for however long I feel my birthday celebration should carry on. I quickly fell in the love with the idea and adopted the term.

Here is a sampling of my birthday festivities:

23rd-Woke up to presents, cards, cute family members, and my favorite plain cake donuts in bed. Had lunch with two good friends and was given a cookie. Went to dinner at Pei Wei (the happiest place on earth) with Shawn and the girls. Went to the theater for the first showing of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Came home to my favorite ice cream.

24th-Took myself to Starbucks with the gift card Kennedy gave me. Met Debbie and Mark at a surgery center for his port removal and celebrated that and my birthday at Macaroni Grill. Shawn treated his parents and us to pizza at home before heading to the second performance of Charlie Brown.

25th-Slept in:) Taken to Carino's for a birthday lunch with Shawn's parents and my grandmother. Went to Hobby Lobby to shop with my gift card! Went to third performance of Charlie Brown.

26th-Invited to some friends house after church for a wonderful Sunday meal to celebrate my birthday.

Now, here's my problem....My final Palooza event will be Tuesday night when I go to Olive Garden with my girlfriends. That means that tomorrow, Monday, I will have no 'events'. Does it still count as a Palooza if I am forced to skip a day?

You can see why I'm worried.

If anyone would like to take me out for a meal, treat me to a manicure, take me to the theater, or just buy me something to keep this wonderful thing on a roll; please contact me!

I'd hate to see the party end.

***And if someone could suggest a simple way to remove all this fatty build up from my hindquarters from all the eating out, please let me know. As it stands...I'm asking Shawn to teach me how to use the chainsaw.***


Cozyflier said...

Ha!!! Well, your girls night out in Lubbock could be counted as part of the Palooza, but there will be a few days in between too!

You are lucky, I've never had more than 1 day of celebrations!!! You might have to tell Kevin about this multi-day celebration.

Aunt Carrie

vgsmom said...

I'm thinking you should get those fourth graders to recognise your birthday in someway and count that!

dogimo said...

I'm late with the suggestion but, if you spent the "gap" day organizing all the other "on the __th day of my birth-day" activities into a Patridge-In-A-Pear-Tree style song, I think that would have to count.

Great to see someone bucking the humbug downplay-my-birthday trend!

New tradition for next year: birthday caroling.