Friday, April 10, 2009

As Is?

While out shopping today for items to include in a silent auction I found this on the clearance aisle.It's a cookie jar.

Well, part of one.

It used to be a dog but the head is obviously missing.

I couldn't even imagine why they would still be trying to sell it! Who goes out shopping for the bottom of a cookie jar?

"Oh, I broke the bottom to my cookie jar! I'll just save this head in case I ever run across the legs somewhere."

I mock, but I guess it could happen.

I had to know. How much they were charging for the bottom half of a cookie jar.I know it's blurry...I'll help.


Good grief. Even if I had the head, I wouldn't spend $6 on the legs.


Cozyflier said...

That belongs in file 13!! In other words the TRASH!!!! Some stores will try to sell anything. I recognize the T.J. Max price tag! Good Grief.

manda said...

Only at TJ Maxx....

Robin said...

Oh No!! It's a quirky flower vase. Maybe really neato centerpiece for some sorta goth party.
I have a marble cutting board that had a glass dome cover...of course HAD is the key word. I hope to one day find a replacement dome.

I have a bean pot that my grandmother used for a grease know how those old folks the bacon grease for frying tators later. Anyway, the lid is long gone. But I keep the bean pot for...I can't spell know that dry smell good stuff that men hate. PO-Pur-eee.

On my shelf in the kitchen,is a head-less goose.
It sits by it's mate, the salt shaker.
I blogged about. It's in the archives ""

And remember...
One man's trash is another man's treasure.