Thursday, April 9, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes...

My girls all got Zen Mosaics for Christmas. Remember these faces?

As Shawn set them up with a Napster account and started loading music he asked each of them who their favorite artist was. McKinley and Kennedy instantly said, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and Rascal Flatts.

When he asked Reagan who her favorite singer was she said, "Juju." That's our aunt who teaches them voice lessons. She is an amazing singer. But not on Napster. Shawn smiled and laughed and then asked who her favorite artist was. Her answer? "Mrs. Masterson." Who is Mrs. Masterson you might ask...her school art teacher.

Don't you just love 7 year olds?

I do!


Cozyflier said...

Kids have such a unique view on the world!! Love those curls!!!

jean said...

What a cutie! Is that natural curl in that blonde hair of hers? You will have to ask Mrs. Masterson if she's been singing to the class while they're drawing... :-)

deedee said...

I have a 7 year old grand daughter. Their unique views on things are so funny sometimes. Yours is definately a cutie!

miruspeg said...

Yes Steph I sure do love 7 year olds.
Reagan is a beautiful child (all your girls are) and this is a beautiful age where they can express themselves openly, honestly and without judgement.

There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than to listen to children expressing themselves this way.


Debbie S. said...

This is the reason I love my job. Reagan looks absolutely beautiful in this picture. When did she get soooo grown up?