Monday, November 17, 2008


With the gift of an awesome camera last Christmas and another of Photoshop in May you would think that I would be quite the photographer by now.

Hmmm...not so much.

I have spent a lot of time playing around with them both. This blog has been a wonderful thing to keep me busy honing my skills. If that's what I have. Only time will tell.

My precious friend Beth has asked me to take some family pictures for them. I'm excited and scared. I took my girls out yesterday for some practice shots. Imagine my surprise when I got some really good ones. After Photoshopping them I am really pleased with myself!

Now, I just hope Beth's turn out this well!


miruspeg said...

You have been blessed with 3 wonderful daughters Stephanie.

How precious are these photographs and you should be VERY pleased with your fabulous skills.

I especially love the one when the 3 of them are walking away hand in hand......ahhhhh.


Robin said...

Wow! Great pictures and beautiful girls!

Margaret Glyn said...

Loved the pictures! Are you looking for a new career? Thanks for sharing. Gigi

Kelly said...

You should be very proud, not just for the pictures, but also for such beautiful girl!!! I have the camera, i just need to get and learn photoshop.
Loved the pictures

Kristie said...

My favorite is the bridge one with the beautiful blue sky in the background. Ironic, though, how the pictures you took of the girls have the *exact same* background as the family pictures I took for a family last week --- where on earth could you have been??? Ha! :)

Anonymous said...

Keep that pic of them holding hands walking. My parents took a similar picture of my sister and me on a nature walk when we were camping. I have that very picture framed in my bathroom to this day. Precious! Your girls are so beautiful!!