Monday, November 10, 2008

Want to be my friend?

We are so blessed to be given most of the clothes that our girls wear. We don't mind hand-me-downs one bit. In fact, I usually thank the givers by telling them I'm so glad they have better taste then me.

Since we're given the clothes, I feel we need to pass them along to someone else. I was thrilled when our church hired a children's pastor who had three girls. I became their best friend.

I've spent today, not painting like desperately needed, but sorting clothes. Mainly because it was 50 degrees and raining this morning and Reagan wore capris and a t-shirt.

Enter guilt.

Since I've been painting I haven't wanted to dig into the attic and their closet and make the change. It's such a vicious cycle. But I did. And look at what our friends will be getting.

I've added two more bags since the picture. That brings the total to 13.

God help them.


Melissa said...

Hand me downs are the best! However, Maryna has now passed up her main source of clothes and she is now doing the passing down.

BTW, love the new look of your blog page!

Robin said...

You didn't get the room painted, but you did get your blog painted! Love the new look.

Kelly said...

Love the new look! We get hand me downs younger than Amelia...she is so tiny.