Saturday, November 8, 2008

Well Howdy!

When I used to read other bloggers posts about lurkers I didn't really know what they were talking about. It sounded like they knew someone was stalking them. It kind of worried me. Now that I've discovered statcounter I understand everything. Well, not really everything, but I have reached the tip of the iceberg.

Statcounter is how I found out what people were searching for when they accidentally ended up at my blog. Now I know what they are!

I've recently stumbled across the 'Visitor Paths' area.

(Insert sinister laugh here.)

So now I get to say 'hi' to people I know are reading my blog.

-Claremont, Minnesota-71 visits
*I love Minnesota! Shawn had a great aunt that lived in Fairmont. It was the most beautiful town that had a picturesque lake in the middle of it. The homes were all big, old, and beautiful. I coveted them. Still do.

-Vienna, Virginia-99 visits
*I have to apologize. When I read the name of your town I think sausage. I'm working really hard to think 'Sound of Music' but...sausage. I'm working on it.

-Manchester, New Hampshire-112 visits
*E'llo govnor! That was my British accent. Did it come across in the typing? I need to work on that.

-Frisco City, Alabama-45 visits
*I was just in Alabama! The only town name that I can recall (I was in the car with 5 children after all) was Foley. That's because that's where Lambert's was. I must admit though that I kept saying, "Greenbough, Al-a-bama!!" Anyone know what movie that line comes from??

-Alexandria, Virginia-100 visits
*I have a beautiful cousin names Alexandria. She has always gone by Alex though. It makes me sad. Hope your town is as beautiful as the name.

-OKC, OK-255 visits
*Wow! Wait, that might be me. That's not my town though. Right state. But who else would have come here that often?? Well, maybe Grandma. Hi Grandma!

P.S. Just ran the spell check. Of course it stopped on my British accent part. I figured that. But surprise! It didn't stop on 'picturesque'. Who would have guessed that I would have spelled that right on my first try? Certainly not me!


Anonymous said...

Do you get "Wasilla, Alaska" showing up in your counter? For some reason I show up as "Wasilla" on some blogs, though it's about 30 miles away; I have no idea why! People get all excited, thinking Sarah P has come by for a visit, lol.

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

How wild. I need to dig deeper in stat counter. It just takes so much time to keep up with it. I have a hit counter, but that doesn't say much. You can exclude your own URL - i know that much. THere is so much information available - it can be overwhelming. It's kind of creepy. I did notice several months ago a bunch of hits from Virginia. I odn't know anybody there.

Robin said...

What counter do you use? I'm looking for a new one.

Kelly said...

Thank's for the Birthday wish....I can't believe that you do cake decorating too!! Absolutly to funny. I'll have to post some more pictures of cakes that I have done. I have to do the wedding cake and groom's cake for the same shower cake, and they are realtives...I'm not brave enough to do it for non family memebers!! Oh and mine url shows up as New Orleans ( I think at least on mine it does)
I wish our church had free exercise...although the Y isn't bad and it is a mile closer to out house. It's better to work out with a buddy too.