Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yes, again I survived

Two Saturdays in a row that I've done something I hoped I would survive. Last week I survived my longest run ever, 9.3 miles, and now I've survived 3 flights in my uncle's home built airplane.

Nothing against my Uncle Kevin, I've known for years that he was an amazing pilot, it's just that I hate to fly. It scares me to death. I don't understand how something that heavy can lift off the ground and propel itself through the air. Kevin has tried to explain 'lift and thrust' but I'm just not as smart as he is. The genius gene in our family skipped right over me.

When he called me a few days ago to set everything up he asked if I was afraid to fly or if I just got motion sickness. He was not excited when I said, "Yes."

After a Halloween party that ended at 11 we were up at 5:45 and headed to the airport at 6:15. I bought those sea sick bracelets that my uncle (the doctor and pilot) said wouldn't work. But since I knew I needed something, and didn't want the Xanax he offered, I had to try them. I'm sure my motion sickness is all in my head, so the bracelets could go in there, too.

They're quite fashionable, don't you think?

The plane is so light weight that he just pulled it out of the hangar and started loading us in.

I was shocked how smooth the take off was. I didn't scream. Not once. Out loud that is.

Know the best thing about a 6:45 a.m. takeoff? The sunrise.


We have a family tradition of singing 'Oklahoma' anytime we cross back into our state. When Kevin pointed out the Red River

I brought this up only to be told by McKinley that it wasn't necessary. Imagine my surprise when Kevin broke into song! I joined right in. So sorry I didn't record that for you.

We had a smooth landing in Enid and were off to the audition. (The story of the audition will have to wait for another day. I have a feeling that this post is going to be a long one on its own!)

After a, hopefully, awesome audition we headed to Uncle Kevin's favorite place...Braum's. Living in Oklahoma for several years he became a Braum's fan, especially of their 23 cent single dips. Prices may have changed but his loyalty hasn't. Braum's aren't located in Lubbock so whenever he has a chance to be in the same town as one you can find him there with a burger and chocolate malt.

It turned out to be quite a nice day. Who would have guessed? Not that I want to go out tomorrow and fly somewhere else, but it's just good to know that I would be able to!

Just a few thoughts on flying in a plane built in a garage:

On the way there I was so cold I was trembling. Something about 6,000 feet up not being the warmest place. Who knew? The plane does have a heater but it can be a bit smelly. We just used blankets. Now, on the way home with the sun above us it was a bit warm. Guess what, the plane had vents! Only thing, when Kevin opened mine I noticed that I could see straight through it. To the outside! See that blue? That's the wild blue yonder up there in the sky.

See that wall? The one next to Kevin? I expoxied that. Myself. Little old me. Are you impressed?

I was terrified to hit something and send us spiraling to our death but I was able to take this picture only moving my arms. Don't they look happy?

This was on the wall next to me. I didn't notice it until we were halfway back to Lubbock. Good thing, I might not have gotten back in at Enid.

Notice how much leg room the pilot has. It's not much. If he were any taller this might not work out.

I didn't have much room either. But again, I was too terrified to move.

I was so afraid I would hit this thing.

Kevin made me fly the plane with it a few times so he could do something else. I of course panicked, didn't breath until he took over, and made us drop altitude very quickly.

This was also on the wall next to me. So close that I had to take two pictures to get the whole thing.

Funny, don't you think?

This word is telling me that it is all mental. I didn't believe it though.

I was so happy to hear that we were landing back in Lubbock. Really happy.

Imagine my nauseousness when I was told we were getting gas at one airport and then flying back to the larger airport. I had to take a much needed break.

They didn't seem to mind.

Funny thing: I kept thinking of the line in the movie Chicken Run where the rat tells the chickens on the plane if they're nauseous to put their head between their legs, and kiss their butts goodbye. Nice.

Kevin thought it was funny. He always laughs at me. With me...wait, which is better?


Kristie said...

Ahhh, the things we do for our children, no? :)

I'm bringing Shawn's check over today .. and don't forget I owe you lunch!

Hope the audition went great ....

Margaret Glyn said...

So glad to hear about your jaunt! I am sorry about your fears and conceerns, but I am proud of you for facing them--triumphantly! Congratulations to McKinley! Love, Gigi

Renee said...

You make me laugh! The pictures of the sunset where breath taking...even from here at my computer! :D See you tonight!!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! BTW, the plane took 8 yrs to build!!
Love ya,
THE co-pilot!

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

U R Braver than me!

miruspeg said...

Facing your fears again, YOU DO ROCK Stef!
Great pics.
What's next, parachulting!