Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving #1

We had the joy of joining some cousins yesterday for an early Thanksgiving. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I crave family! As an only child with only one first cousin from my moms sisters I just love when a group of 20 or more gets together and there are aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins all over the place. My dad's cousin Jeannie invited us with her brother, her 5 daughters, 2 of her nieces, and all the children and spouses that came with them. My girls were in cousin heaven.

Jeannie lives in a small town off the interstate and has some property around her house. We only saw the 11 third generation cousins when it was time to eat. Otherwise they were outside playing. I tore myself away from the old story telling long enough to take a few pictures.

There was a swing set to play on but what did the children choose to play on instead? Hay bales. They spent hours hay bale jumping.

Some had to think about it first.

While others just went for it.

Know what to do with an old above ground pool when you don't fill it anymore? Put sand in the bottom and have plenty of toys for digging. And if you have enough room, put a trampoline in there, too. Why not? This was quite entertaining also.

After 5 hours of family fun we headed home. My girls told me it was 'the funnest house ever'. I told them that was part of country life, being outside for hours on end. They asked how I knew we were in the country and I went into a discussion about crops and animals. It was quite well said, if I do say so myself. Then they asked what crop Cousin Jeannie grew since they knew the miniature horses from last year had moved somewhere else. I though for a while and then remembered something I'd taken a picture of.

Windmills. They grow windmills.

Funny, they didn't question that at all. They must have realized we're a crazy family.

Or they were just exhausted from all the fun. Oh, and from tormenting the cats.

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Anonymous said...

Man, I thought we were the funnest house!! You ever post zip cord pictures???