Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Halloween, again

Since Halloween life has been crazy! It's been so crazy around here lately that it's becoming our normal life. I hate that, but it's true.

Anyway...we were in Lubbock for Halloween with that crazy family that you may remember.
Did that hint help?

Yes, it's my uncle and aunt that took us to Disney World. They had a Halloween party for their younger two children and their classmates and we were invited! My girls were out of school on Halloween so we headed that way after school Thursday. 6 and a half hours later I pulled into the driveway with three sleeping girls who immediately woke up and were completely energized for the next two hours.

I had taken a few costumes of ours but my aunt's mom, Grandma Lou, has made them every year for Amelia and there were a lot to choose from! We ended up with Lucille Ball, Dorothy, and Mother Goose.
After some neighborhood trick or treating it was party time!

We had a little bit of everything.

Halloween Twister
Lots of candy and trick or treaters. Musical tombstones.
Science experiments.
Plenty of delicious food.
Hilary and Obama.
Wardrobe malfunctions.
Mummy wrapping races.
And quite a few messes.
And, have you noticed, a Storm Trooper. He just kept mysteriously showing up. He didn't speak but was definitely a presence at all times.
Okay, don't freak out! It's my cousin Chris. He made that costume himself. He's really smart. I feel like a 4th grader when I talk to him.

Okay, not really a 4th grader. More like 2nd.

But my favorite part of the whole four days we were there...

Cousin time!

Every minute was full of fun. Now back home we're slowly recovering from those four straight days of fun.

And I personally am trying to recover from eating all of my favorite candy from the girls haul.

I love Halloween!

Another story for another day...why didn't Lucille Ball have red hair? Anyone have any guesses? I'll give you a hint. We were in Lubbock, Texas. Hmmmm....

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Anonymous said...

Why did you post the picture of me in my jammies AFTER I had had a wig on all evening???

I love the post and I love the new look of the page!