Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two Things

First-I took Kennedy to the dentist today. We just love him. Of course, he's our neighbor. Small town, remember? I love his receptionist, think we got the best hygienist, and like to see the doc, but my favorite part?

The Reader's Digest!! I know lots of people read it for the inspirational stories, important information for health or financial matters, and true life victories...but I'm not one of those people. I go straight for the funnies!! I quickly thumb through the articles looking at the end for the little humor pieces and then get almost teary eyed when I hit "All In A Day's Work" and "Humor in Uniform". I read fast and furiously and hope for a cavity that would allow me to stay a little later. No such luck today. Kennedy is the best teeth brusher in our house. Her teeth are white, straight, and cavity free. Shoot! Better luck next time, I guess.

And B-You have to go look at this blog I stumbled across today! It's great for a laugh. And I think we all know I need some more humor today since I didn't get enough Reader's Digest time!


Robin said...

Thanks for the Cakewrecks blog link. Hilarious!

You know you could get your own subscription to Reader's Digest and read it whenever you want!

Kelly said...

First Came to you from Kristie.....Second, I thought I was the only one who just read those parts of the RD!!! and Third you were right about the other site I was LMAO!!!!!!
Thanks for putting a smile on my face today!

Anonymous said...

For me, it's "People" magazine at the orthodontist's office! I stopped subscribing years ago, my own little protest over an ad they ran...but I'm so grateful it's still out there so I can get my fix on occasion! :)

LOL, it must be a "Cakewrecks" kind of week! I discovered that one a few days ago myself...

I just found your blog on the Jenx67 it, and I'll be back. Your girls are adorable, golfing in their sweet dresses...