Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Block Party

Our Sunday School class has for many years had a summer party. It started out just for the couples but has evolved into a family affair. For the last three years it has been at a families house that has a lot to offer-dirt bikes, a pool, horses, and lots of land to roam. Imagine our despair when they left our class! Enter Shawn, he volunteered our pool! I really didn't mind. When we were trying to buy our house my dream was to be able to share the back yard and pool the same way it was shared when I was growing up across the street. Our neighbors also have a pool about the same size and age and are also in our class....the block party was born. With about 25 families signed up we were ready to party!

Of course, the girls are a little slow to get in the water. But don't they look lovely standing around?
The boys were already taking a break!
Shawn had the grill working hard. Burgers and hot dogs for 102! From the front of the house it looked like the back was on fire!Even with a big yard seating was getting tight. No one minded though.
As most co-ed parties go, the dads were the only adults to get in the pool.
Even a dad with much older boys took time to play with a little one of a friend.

Moms were happy to sit around and chat.

Things were going so well at our pool that I decided to walk over to our neighbors and see what was going on there. Imagine my surprise when I saw children that had just been at our pool. They were quickly going back and forth. There was a definite wet walkway to follow! I found all three of my girls there. I hadn't even known they'd left. I'm such a good mom, I just amaze myself.

As I was headed back to my house I heard huge splashes and applause coming from my yard. As I walked in I saw Craig and John taking turns doing tricks off the diving board. They had the whole crowd watching their every jump. They were highly entertaining and helped us get those extra couple of inches of rain water out of the pool. Oh, who am I kidding? They emptied at least a foot!

It was a wonderful evening filled with food, fun, friends, and faces!

What could be better?


Kristie said...

Again, it was a great party --- thanks so much to you guys for co-hosting it!

Anonymous said...

I really love your canning jar candles! What a terrific idea!!!

Jennifer Chronicles (jenx67.com) said...

oh, those little boys look like little men!