Sunday, August 10, 2008

Small Town Saturday Night

Isn't that a song? Hmmm...I'll have to look that up.


I live in the same town that I grew up in. On the same street. In a house where I spent probably half my life because they had a pool and children that I could play with. I have gone to church 6 blocks away my whole life. My elementary, middle school, and high school are also 6 blocks away. The college I attended and where I met Shawn is just 4 blocks away. Can you say 'sheltered upbringing'? I wouldn't have it any other way though. Now my girls are experiencing the same thing. It's wonderful.

So, you may ask, what do you do on a small town Saturday night? You go to the Mid-High Co-Ed softball tournament of course.

McKinley played for our church and since it's not really competitive it's just a blast to watch. The tournament is the end of the season party that includes the games and a hamburger and hot dog picnic. Even though it was close to 100 degrees, it's a must see! The fans were on the edge of their seats:C)The ump is my neighbor. He stood out there in the heat for seven and a half hours.

The Mid-High pastor was there going from bleacher to bleacher to evenly spread her love around.

The girls elementary principal was there as a coach of another team. He's also our neighbor.

This boy, oh this boy. I love my three girls and never wanted a boy after McKinley was born but if I could have a boy, I would take Cale. He's precious! I call him all summer long and beg him to come swim with me.

Water bottles were everywhere! Occasionally a parent would drop some off in the dugouts.

Some children were doing anything to keep cool.

Wonder if her mother knew what she was doing? Hee-hee.

Even though the blue team scored well and even made it aways through the losers bracket they lost. But had so much fun doing it!

And since it's a church league, everyone is friends no matter what color your shirt is.

McKinley had fun even though they lost. She didn't, however, like having her picture taken.So ends a small town Saturday night.

Want to know what happens on a Sunday? Stay tuned!


Robin said...

Sound like fun to me!

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

I love this. Your blog is exactly the kind of blogs I'm looking for in other states - in my 50/blog-50 state quest. They are hard to find, actually. People blog about a lot of nonsense I've discoverd. And, thanks to Blogher, everyone is trying to rich blogging and saying VERY LITTLE worth hearing. I've come across good blos, though. Anyway, I think the more you write about your intimate world, the richer your blog becomes. The pool shots also never get old. What will you plan for winter?

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

i just realized there are an awful lot of typos in that comment. i really am literate. c, i capitalize all my letters, 2.