Thursday, August 7, 2008


Know what happens when you give a 12 year old your camera and tell her she can take some pictures of the kids swimming?

You get this.
And this.
And one of these.
She's a budding photographer. Can't you tell?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Stefunk!
Please tell me what facination these kids have with taking self portraits! When I was there age the thought never occured to me. Of course we would have been killed for wasting money on film developing, but I took pictures all the time, but not of myself!!

Amelia does the same thing when she gets hold of the camera, I didn't post all the self portraits from the back of the airplane on the NYC trip!
Did you know if you hold the camera an inch from your arm with the flash on you can get a totally orange picture?!
Scrapbook Queen