Friday, August 22, 2008

Slumber Party-Part Last One, I Promise

Well, after I posted that last blog I found more pictures! I had forgotten that the 7th grade girls decided to cover themselves so they wouldn't look guilty when the little girls woke up. Watching them cover themselves just about sent me over the edge of laughing.
The next morning I found the little girls standing around like monkeys picking stickers off each other. Please pardon the blurry pictures. I had only had about four hours of sleep. Oh, and I was laughing!Look at that pile they made!
Oh, and what is that behind them?? It's Kirstin, asleep again! Instead of stickers McKinley and Becca decided to use some leftover grapes. A grape in her ear, why not?

On second thought...this probably won't end well.I was right.

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Anonymous said...

I remember a slumber party I once went to and made the mistake of being one of the first ones to fall asleep. I woke up with something very sticky in my hair and covered in shaving cream. The only thing I can think of that was in my hair was melted marshmallow! From that time on, I NEVER was the first one to fall asleep no matter how tired I was! :)