Thursday, August 28, 2008


Organization is not my strong point.

I try, but it doesn't work.

I have a filing system that makes Shawn crazy. The girls and I stack papers, notes, and everything else up really high on one of the kitchen counters and when someone is coming over I open a cabinet door and shove it all in.

Sounds like a great plan, doesn't it?

I recently decided to make Shawn happy and clean it all out. I pulled everything out and put it on the kitchen floor. I then walked around it for two days planning my attack.

Today was the day. I sorted and piled, recycled and trashed. It was a thing to behold. I found graded papers, cute artwork, and notes from teachers I probably should have read 5 months ago.

Moving on.

I did come across something that made me question my skills...Valentine's Cupid Expresses to McKinley...when she was in elementary...okay, in first grade. She's in seventh now. Hmmmm.

But now it's all sorted and ready to be filed in the cabinet in the pool house. I feel better. Cleansed, proud.

Wait, what's this?? McKinley's Kindergarten report card. Dang it.


Renee said...

OMG!! That is SO how I 'organize'...right down to the kitchen counter!! Before my daughter's bday party, I piled it all inot a moving box...and it just keeps getting fullier! One of these days, I'll go through it! I hope there'll be old bday cards with money in there!! One can dream...

Anonymous said...

It must run in the family - that is how Kev organizes!! You know, Scrapbooks are great for report cards, teacher notes, and such. Just an idea!!