Friday, January 7, 2011

Half Birthday

On April 23rd, 1985 I sat at my most favorite teachers desk on my birthday lunch date. As just the two of us enjoyed our special time I made a remark I would later regret. "Mrs. Unruh, when I grow up and get married and have children, I will never have one born in the summer because they wouldn't get to do this." At the time, I meant it. With all my heart.

12 years later when I was staring at another negative pregnancy test, I'd forgotten all about that. Several months later I forgot all about math and held my fertility prescription in my hand. The next month I was pregnant and just so overjoyed that I didn't think about a July due date.

So what did I do?? I had a child born in the summer. But at that point, I was just glad I'd been able to have another one. McKinley was a big surprise, and Kennedy was over a year of trying. Go figure. (We did pick a cool birthday though. 7-8-99)

Having a summer birthday has its advantages though. She's always had a pool party and her sisters have had to postpone parties to have a pool party. But when half the people can't come, it is a bit disappointing. And several years we haven't even been here on her birthday. But celebrating in Colorado has been fun.

Since she'll never be able to celebrate at school we often do a half birthday party. I've served half cupcakes and drawn 1/2 on birthday balloons. It is unique:D But now that she's in middle school, that's not cool anymore. So this year we went to Pop's after school today. Since Shawn was still at work we bought him this one. He grew up not too far from the Blue Whale.I went with something different this time...never a good idea for me. I went to the red section and was going to get my usual Diet Black Cherry but was distracted by the retro type and the cool shape of the bottle.
Sadly after a few drinks I saw the word Splenda on the side. Dadgumit. If I'd wanted to ingest chlorine I would have just gone out to the pump house and eaten it with a spoon. I payed for it later.

The girls chose their drinks while I secretly ordered this. Cailee was surprised:)

After we were stuffed we headed down to the red barn so I could impress them with it and take one of my all time favorite pictures.

Each time I'm there I'm amazed. The bottom floor is a gift shop with tons of information to be read. But upstairs you'll find this. Hand written and drawn.

Love it. Oh, and my favorite picture?

There it is.Happy half birthday Chickadee!!


Cozyflier said...

Neat! Where is this red barn? I've never been there! Is it at Pops?

Nicki said...

I love it! The pics are beautiful! Happy half birthday to your baby!!