Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Weekend of McKinley-Day 2

You can stop looking for Day 1. It hasn't been written yet. I honestly thought I could get two days worth of pictures on one post. I must have been crazy. But since I'd started with Sunday's events I just thought I should finish. And yes, I know most of you wouldn't know which day what happened...but I would and it would forever bother me.

So here we go, Day 2.

Since McKinley didn't want to audition for Junior High All-State this year, but had to, I came up with a reward system. There were three auditions she had to go through. She started working on the music in July. Three songs had to be memorized, one in English, one French, and one Latin. For each of the auditions two songs were chosen and 16 bars from each one. After two visits to the listening room to hear the cuts, she had to go into a room by herself and sing for the judges. Knowing how nerve racking that is, and knowing she didn't want to do it, I felt like rewards were in order. I told her for each audition she made it through she would get a $25 gift card to a clothing store of her choice. After she made it through the second one she told me she didn't want the money. I was shocked and thought I was going to be saving myself some money! Then she told me her idea.

She wanted to take some friends to Yamato Japanese Steakhouse. So for each successful audition, one friend got to come. When she successfully made the All State Choir she was thrilled that three friends would be coming. But then we found out that after you move into your hotel room, after you've travelled to the town where the choir met, you had to audition once more. Didn't know your music, didn't get to stay. +1 more friend!

Shawn got called in to the hospital at the last minute so it was me with the girls. What a lovely group, don't you think?

When one ordered a mocktail, they all decided to have them.This by far was the best part of the whole experience. They startled other diners with their screaming. And the chef did this three times.The chef was wonderful with them. He let one get up and try to throw the utensils around. It was hilarious! Then he let them throw the eggs for the Fried Rice around.

Surprisingly we only lost one.

Doesn't our lunch look delicious?After we were stuffed I was told I would be taking them somewhere for group pictures. Considering the 200 I'd taken the day before (which you haven't seen yet) I thought my shooting finger would be getting a little break. But no. We picked our favorite place and set off.

They had so much fun setting up the poses and took a model one first followed by one where I forced them to smile.

Here's a few of my personal favorites.
Look at Emily on the left. Hello model! I told her that since I'd discovered her I would need 10% of her future earnings. I think that's fair, don't you?I just love McKinley's friends. And they all think I'm very cool:o)

Paige came to our school two years ago and since she's also a singer she and McKinley hit it off. Three years of out of town trips for Children's All State Choir sealed the deal. I think we have finally talked Paige into trying out next year so McKinley doesn't have to do it all alone. Her little brother is Kennedy's age and adorable. Both families would be fine with something happening between them in the future.Emily came to our school in third grade and she and McKinley have been friends ever since. She also attends our church so they are together all the time. I have never met a more genuinely beautiful girl. Not just on the outside. She is sweet, kind, and loving. I love the example she sets for others. She also has an adorable 5th grade brother that I would also approve of.Becca, oh Becca. McKinley met Becca at age 1 1/2 when we moved here and they met in the church nursery. They are so comfortable with each other it's like they're sisters. They both can join the opposite family for a weekend and nothing changes, they just fit right in. In the last two years their activities at school have been completely opposite and they haven't spent as much time together but they can pick up right where they left off. I consider her one of my own. The fact that her family lives two doors south of us just makes life better.Kaylynn and McKinley have had a rough three years but are becoming friends now. I can't wait to see where this friendship goes from here.They can learn from this picture though. All you need is love. Love is all you need.I'm so proud of you Sweet Pea!


Robin said...

Sweet girls! Love your photos, especially the "love" ones.

Cozyflier said...

Wish we had an awesome bridge like that for photos!!
Love Japanese food too!
Looks like so much fun was had!