Saturday, March 6, 2010

He's A Keeper

Today my husband has:

  • Changed the oil in his car
  • Fixed a clogged sewer line that was backing water up into our den
  • Found the problem with a shorted out phone line and gotten our phones working again
  • Taken our family out to lunch
  • Got out of the bleachers and hugged Kennedy during a time out to congratulate her for the first ever basket in a basketball game...the last game of the season.

There are no words to describe how much I love being married to a man who can fix just about everything.

I told my girls today they won't be allowed to get married until their husband-to-be has passed a basic repair test given to them by their future father-in-law.

Shawn won my mom over by installing a motion sensor light by her front door. The fact that he fixed the hole in the ceiling where his knee went through just sealed the deal:o)


Cozyflier said...

They come in pretty handy don't they? I'd say he's a keeper too!

Crazed Mom's Man said...

Thanks honey! You are so sweet!