Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well, McKinley is in full braces, complete with Herbst. She's had her ups and downs.

The day the brackets and wires went in was rough. Lots of pain and about three days of soft food. The installation of the Herbst didn't ruffle any feathers. The day one month later when the wires were taken out and replaced with wider ones, she spent two days in pain. But as we know from this post, having the matching rubber bands put on was a high point.

We have discovered a few things during the last two months.

1. She can no longer chew lettuce. Any variety. It's so thin that she can't get her teeth together enough to chew it. Why she ordered a salad at lunch today is anybodies guess.

2. The Herbst looks like an antenna. You know how they fold into themselves? It also has a sound and she plays it at the most improper times. The sound also makes my skin crawl.

3. Her smile is different. In face, it looks a lot like her friend Emily's. I think it wider because she has to get around the Herbst to make it comfortable. I'm an Orthodontist you know.

4. She has always been the slowest eater in the family but that long time has now doubled. Watching her move the food around in her mouth to find the best place to chew is hilarious and disgusting all at once.

The orthodontist group that we chose is all about fun and rewards. I enjoy going there because the decor and the employees are so much fun. There's a game room, a video room, complimentary coffee and hot chocolate, and beautiful views out of every window.

The day she had her brackets put on she was given a t-shirt. Wear your t-shirt to your appointment and you get 4 OATS. Money to spend in their store. Be seen wearing your shirt outside the office by a staff member, 25 OATS. Go all 27 months without breaking a bracket and get a $250 gift certificate. Our Christmas present from them? A free sitting and 11 x 14 print by a local, very expensive photographer.

But my favorite thing?


To Be Posted On Your Refrigerator Door


ICE...A thousand times NO. It will totally destroy your braces.

PIZZA CRUST...The hard crust bends wires.

HARD PRETZELS...Bend wires, loosen bands, knock off brackets.

DORITOS, TACOS, TOSTITOS, CHEETOS, FRITOS, and the like...Will form a hard ball and break your braces.

CARAMEL CANDY, BUBBLE GUM...Sticky goo which pulls off wires and feeds the bacteria in your mouth.

HARD ROLLS, BAGELS, BONES...Bends the wire and knocks off brackets.

BEEF JERKY, SLIM JIMS...Tough as nails.

SUCKERS...You might weaken and bite.

NUTS...No nuts of any kind.

RIBS...Knock off brackets.

PENS AND PENCILS...Favorite exam time food. Break everything.

POPCORN...The little shells get between the gum and band and will hurt you like crazy.

RAW CARROTS...Hard as rocks.

So, how many off these has she had?? Almost all of them. Aren't we great parents? It is discussed and my points are made.

So...so far, so good.

Of course, I'll keep you posted:o)

Here are a few pictures of her getting the brackets and wires. I love how the assistant has Cindy Lou Who hair. I kept giggling.I of course would have liked better and closer pictures, but they were a bit focused and I was very worried I'd mess something up!


Cozyflier said...

Oh how I remember those days with Chris and Tyler!!!! Will need to start with Amelia and AJ soon. Our orthodontists here do the same reward type things and have BIG parties for all the kids 2X a year. Kevin is definitely in the wrong field!!!

Oh, does your doctor pick them up in a hummer from school and deliver them back??? One or ours does!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I noticed that your daughter got braces with herbst. As I will get a herbst appliance within the next few weeks I would like to learn more from her experiences. Maybe she can send me some information on this. My e-mail adress: nele.schuster@gmx.de (sorry for my writing, but English isn't my native language). From Germany, Nele.