Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Never Say Never

When I was pregnant with my now 14 year old I said a lot of 'nevers'. You all know what I mean?

I will never let my child...

One of my big ones was that I would never take my children to McDonald's. I had only eaten there about 5 times in the first 21 years of my life so it was an easy thing to say. But after moving to a town where I made friends that had young children I started going there. It was the only place in town that had a play place that allowed the kids to bond while the moms had an entire conversation with only a few interruptions asking for ice cream. I even went twice a month for two years with some girlfriends!

It's so funny now to look back and think about my stand against it.

My other big never??

I would never let any daughters of mine wear clothing that had words across their tushie. But then....we got to gymnastics without a leotard. A quick run to the over priced gift shop resulted in shorts with flames and letters across that certain area. I justified it by saying that they were only to be worn at home. There, that sounded good. We've held to that for several years without many slip ups.

Until today.

We recently made the massive switch of fall/winter clothes to spring/summer clothes in the girls room. With three girls with one dresser and one closet that is absolutely necessary. What surprised me was that the girls wanted to do it almost on their own. I was thrilled and worried all at once. They really did do a good job, but I spent a few hours helping finish. But that meant that I didn't see the clothes that went in. Reagan came downstairs today dressed in clothes that are appropriate for a day with P.E. I approved and we moved on with the mornings activities. But as we were rushing out the door to beat the traffic I saw it. The word CHEER across her backside. I had no time to pick a fight. So I let her go without a word said about it.

Guess we'll be having McDonald's for dinner tonight.


Anonymous said...

Have you learned to never say never? Pat Mc

Unknown said...

Ah yes, the crash of mothering expectations.
Coming up next--letting your younger children do things the older one(s) were never allowed to do.

Anonymous said...

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Cozyflier said...

I think all Moms eventually have to 'eat' their words! Never say never, always say always, or never say always, or something like that?!!