Thursday, March 25, 2010

Technical Problems

My laptop is not the newest model. If you remember, Shawn bought me a new one for Christmas and I turned it down. I like mine. It's been mine for 2 years and I know everything I need to know about it. I can do everything that I want and don't usually have problems. The new one was bigger, had newer operating systems, and was a little too shiny.

I guess I'm saying I'm too old to learn new tricks.

There, I said it.

But over Spring Break something happened. My screen started dimming on its own. I can't brighten it, there seems to be a short. Shawn's replaced the screen for me before so I really wasn't worried. It's annoying, but I thought I could deal with it. Well, he doesn't think it's an easy fix.

I discovered that I can get the screen to look right if I jam my elbow on it right by the touch pad. That means I have to have it on a flat surface (which my lap is not), not be doing much typing since I will then only have one arm, and have an elbow that can handle that kind of pressure. Sadly it's the elbow that lets me down every time. It could be the carpet burn on that elbow from trying to beat my 21 year old cousin at holding a Pilates plank...but that can't be proven.

So even though I've fought it, I have a new (pink!) laptop on its way to me. This old dog is about to start walking in circles and licking itself because even the thought of learning has it nervous.

But until it gets here I am trying to cut down on my computer time because the dim screen gives me a headache in about 3.57362 seconds. I haven't been able to read all the blogs that I follow since that takes longer than my headache free time. I will have to spend about 3.57362 days catching up on everything when I get it.

If I can figure it out. Anyone want odds on it??

I want in on that bet.


Carol............. said...

Maybe this blogging stuff has it's down sides! LOL

Anonymous said...

You can do it, the new is not that hard to learn, I have done it, you can too. Pat McDowell

Cozyflier said...

Should have gotten a Mac!!! I love mine! But you can go it, you are STILL younger than me :)