Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vacation Day 6-Headed Home

The final day of our vacation started out a little chilly.But we prevailed and got the car loaded. We were quiet as we headed down the mountain. I took about 20 more pictures of my mountain...and sighed a lot.It looked like our navigation didn't want us to leave either. It says we have over 12 hours, 697 miles, and even shows which direction our house is. But the red line stopped. Guess we'd have to stay in Colorado!We didn't though. And found this on our way out. Lucky for her we were going too fast to stop and make her stand by it.Our neighbor had told us about the Capulin Volcano and told us we couldn't miss it. He said he'd spent 20 years driving past it and was so glad he finally decided to stop. There were two options, go downor up. We chose up.

What a view.Straight ahead in the middle of this picture is Black Mesa, Oklahoma. Yep. And we were in New Mexico. We could see several states.The information that we were given said that during the summer ladybugs populated the area. We looked around for ladybugs and found a few here and there. But mainly we found these little flying bugs. You can see a few on the leaf around the lady bug.They were thick in the air. They also landed all over us and it felt like our skin was crawling! We took turns brushing them off each other.But as we got higher and higher we started noticing more.And more.They were on every bush and tree trunk.Always in the shade.Smart bugs.The hike was beautiful, the information was interesting, and the bugs were fascinating! We were glad we stopped.

As we pulled into our driveway I must admit it was nice to be home. I love vacations but it's always good to be home.

And now I'm done, you're off the hook. Vacation is over. Long, drawn out blog posts with way too many pictures are over.

Well, there is the small trip we took on Labor Day weekend...but it will only take one day!

I promise!


Cozyflier said...

LOL, I can't complain!!! Love the ladybugs, they are so fun. Amazing how the tree looks orange!

Glad you all had fun. Wish we had been in CO at the same time, oh well, better planning next time :)

Robin said...

That's a lot of ladybugs!

Kelly said...

I bet it was beautiful to see all the lady bugs!

Jennifer said...

Wow. That a LOT of ladybugs :)