Saturday, September 26, 2009

Photo Shoot

I took McKinley out to take a few pictures a few nights ago. I really wanted to play around with a bridge and the sun. Sadly, I don't know enough yet to make this work.

Here's my proof.

It started out good.

Apparently I can photograph shadows.And this would have been a stunning picture of our two bodies sharing a heart if McKinley's shirt hadn't been puffy. Oooh, Seinfeld moment!!I love this one though. This bridge has been right down the road for years. Long before I came to this town.We set out to see what we could get.Cool sun flare. But dark face.But the flash washes things out.This one I love!

This one is just asking for some Photoshop love. A little texture maybe...Love the sun, love the pose, hate the dark face.She wanted to try. Let's just say I did not go out there expecting to have my picture taken.These two I love. She's such a cutie!54 pictures later we'd had fun, laughed, and enjoyed the view. She asked if she could take one more and I'm impressed with what she got. Maybe I should just let her be the photographer and I'll keep track of all the money she makes!


Bow Cheeky Creations said...

Awesome pictures :)

miruspeg said...

Loved the photo shoot Steph.
Who said the photos didn't work!!!
Take care mate.

Carol............. said...

The first 2 shadows are hilarious!
Fun photo shoot.

Cozyflier said...

Did you NOT know you could photograph shadows??? But a star filter and try with the sunset and upcoming Christmas lights, you'll love it!!!!

Also, buy a regular solar filter and paint clear nail polish on it, you will love the soft blurry focus effects it gives you!