Monday, September 7, 2009

Vacation Day 5

Our second morning at Golden Bell started with a trip towhere I'd eaten many many times with my grandparents. It's even better now because this is right next door.Hello Venti Caramel Frappucino Light.

One of the best things about the Donut Mill is that they have my absolute favorite ice cream in the world.I can't find it anywhere but here. Sadly, I was there for breakfast....not ice cream. And things like this.And after a short stop here...
we headed to one of my favorite tourist towns. Manitou Springs. I grew up shopping here whenever possible. There is something for everyone. Moccasins, yep. Leprechaun music boxes, sure thing. Christmas ornaments, they have them. We all did a little shopping and then ended up here. I always end up here. The taffy and the caramel popcorn are traditions.The city was just as I remembered. But a few things were new.
Just as we were leaving Manitou we had to stop at Garden of the Gods. We took a quick hour loop to see the favorites.

Kissing Camels.Look at that view!It's amazing to think that one family used to own all of this.
I was so envious of these guys. I miss rock climbing and rappelling.We had to take a picture in this exact spot. We did the same thing 5 years ago with some friends.And of course, Balance Rock.Yes, the goofballs are with me:c)
And hello there old friend. This was our viewfrom the Sonic drive through. What an amazing place! Pikes Peak from the Sonic drive through! Good thing I don't live there. That would be a draw to go to Sonic every day. And no, I don't do that here. No matter what Shawn thinks.Back at the ranch (hee hee) we decided to do some archery. I had taught it for 7 years but only Shawn has the patience to work with our children. Bless his heart. He stuck with it until she had hit the target several times.After dinner, we all headed to the pool. It hasn't changed a bit.
Even the cute signs that have always been there were still hanging.I left Shawn and the girls and went for a walk. I wanted to soak up as much of the atmosphere as I could. I hope it's not another 5 years until I get back to this blessed place.


Margaret Glyn said...

What a precious posting! I am in tears after watching it--and so very thankful for your memories! Thanks for passing them along to the next generation.

McVal said...

What great pictures! Your family will treasure these!