Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vacation Day 4-we say goodbye

Thursday morning we woke up with heavy hearts. It was time to leave. We had a 1:00 rafting trip scheduled so we spent the morning around Dad's house taking pictures and slowly packing.And playing the piano built into the outside of the house. Had I not mentioned that before? Dad told me the story....and I think I remember the gist of it. And if I make something up...who would know?

The wife of the man who built the house had this piano. When they decided to leave the house they found out that thanks to the additions they'd done over the years they couldn't get it out. They ended up taking it apart instead. The sounding board and the strings were attached to the outside of the house.

Okay, now that I re-tell it I'm realizing that it doesn't make much sense. Maybe that's why I thought I had it wrong. And again, if I'm lying through my tooth, how would you know??

After a teary goodbye we headed to our rafting company to get ready. We got our life jackets, helmets, and bus assignments.The girls had no idea what they were about to do so they didn't know whether to be excited or nervous. This was my 9th trip and I couldn't wait to get going!

Just a side note. My first 8 trips had all been with the same company. That company had the guide do all the rowing. The guests just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Well, and hung on for dear life. When Shawn and I decided we wanted to raft I told him there was no way I'd use a company that made all of us paddle. I was on vacation, I was there to enjoy and relax. Shawn had gone a few times himself and had always paddled. I searched and searched but couldn't find a company that was guide rowed. Shawn laughed. He does that often when I take a stand about something.

Two days before when we'd been tubing it had been a sunny day and the water was quite refreshing. This day however it was overcast and that refreshing water was down right chilly. As we stepped into the water to get in the raft it made me second guess my front raft seating location.

It was cold, but oh so worth it! I was so glad the girls got to experience it.
We just happened to be there on the first day that they decided to do this. Everyone but me was brave enough to do it. I had no desire to climb up four rafts, with guides pushing my tushie to help, and slide down into ice cold water. I just laughed at everyone else. There was also a swift current and no rocks in this area and lots of people were taking advantage of that by floating in it. I watched Kennedy race past me several times floating downstream.

After a stop at Taco Bell to replenish we said goodbye to Fort Collins and headed to Boulder for the night.

I sure hope we can visit our 'Colorado Vacation Home' again soon.

Can we Dad??


Kelly said...

that is something that is on my Bucket list!!! to go white water rafting!

Cozyflier said...

Awe man, you missed the fun of sliding?? You really need to get a little more adventerous!!

Looks like fun :)