Thursday, September 17, 2009

He's A What??

Well, here we are again with no Labor Day weekend vacation post. I know, I know, you're disappointed. I promise it will come this weekend.

Can you smell the sarcasm??

Moving on....

I have been having bad allergies with about half of the state of Oklahoma for the last three weeks. I do this every year. Grass, Weed, and Tree get to 'Extremely High' and I am sick. I usually survive. I should buy stock in the Kimberly-Clark Corporation, but I survive.

This year I made it through. But...I had this tickle in my ears that wouldn't go away. I rubbed, I itched, and I Q-tipped. It was still there. But now I had constant pain in my ears also. And around the outside. Sleeping hurt, chewing hurt, living hurt. Enough that with the weekend approaching I thought I should see my doctor.

I love my doctor. I have shoes older than him, but I love him.

He looked at my ears, told me they were both badly infected, and asked to see my throat. Yep, strep. I have had it twice a year for the last 24 years so that didn't surprise me. Well, it didn't hurt yet, but it was that time. But the ear infection?? What am I, a toddler?

After a shot and a prescription I left. I am still walking funny 11 hours later. My tushie is not happy. Funny thing is, it hurts more than the ears or the throat! Go figure.

But do you want to know the part that's really bothering me about all of this?

Sure you do.My doctor has a degree in Electrical Engineering. Is that right? I let this man look at my ears and throat and he's more familiar with plugs and sockets!

He better hope I get better soon.....

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