Monday, October 11, 2010

To Boot Or Not To Boot

That is the question.

I had a doctors appointment Thursday with my podiatrist. He x-rayed my foot to see if a fracture showed. There was nothing! He pushed and pulled on my foot and there was no pain! I had to leave from there to go to work and since I'm a bit of a pessimist I hadn't thought to put a left shoe in the car. So I spent many extra hours in the boot when I didn't have to. At one point I did go barefoot but I still was walking funny to compensate for possible pain. Friday I worked all day as well but just in comfy shoes. I found a couple of times when I'd feel pain but I survived. By Saturday I was walking slower. Sunday I wore wedge sandals because in my mind it kept my foot from bending at the point of pain. But what I didn't think about was that it would be pushing a lot of weight straight at the sore place. It's all about trial and error. Sadly I am mostly error.

Tonight we picked up our racing singlets (the shirt we run in) and all of our important info. I talked to several of the TNT coaches and we all agreed that it certainly can't hurt a thing for me to stay in the boot. It's only going to help! So I am putting the boot back on. It will make packing easier. I only have two pairs of shoes that are the same level as the boot:)

If you think of me on Sunday say a prayer. I know the race will be hard, but I'm doing it.

I'm calling the doctor tomorrow to make an appointment and to ask for some serious pain pills for after:c)

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sportzmom said...

Best of luck to you! I will be thinking about you on Sunday. Have a great trip!