Friday, October 8, 2010

A Mixed Marriage

When I married Shawn I found lots of differences in our upbringings.

His family doesn't use napkins when they eat. They're close by if you need one, but they're not handed out. My family is apparently messier because we have them next to the plate ready to go.

My family wraps Santa gifts. His family doesn't. McKinley's first Christmas Eve we had a huge discussion about whether to wrap or not to wrap. My fight; mine had always been wrapped. My point; I didn't really have one. His fight; his family had never wrapped theirs. His point; it's easier to tell which gift are from Santa. He won and I've saved money on wrapping paper.

But the thing I won't compromise on?? Corn on the cob.

I come from a very long line of corn cob holder users. We have lots of different types. Decorative and functional. His family? They use....their hands!!! On slippery, buttery corn on the cob. I had never seen such a thing! It hasn't ever stopped me from eating corn on the cob of course, but it is odd to me.

So what's a girl to do?

I know...I know...I'm a genius:c)

It's what keeps my marriage together!


Nicki said...

Ahhh...the compromises a marriage creates! You are pure genius! We used them sometimes (when we children didn't lose them). I always loved them as a kid. Now I cut the corn off the cob cuz I am too old and crotchety to deal with corn in my teeth! =)))

Cynthia said...

This made me laugh.
My Husband and I disagree about wrapping stocking gifts. My MIL would wrap all the little things that were in my Husband's stocking. I say no way, extra wrapping? I don't think so (I hate to wrap).
I love your corn holders too, ingenious! Do you eat your corn across the cob like a typewriter or around? I eat mine around and everyone thinks I'm crazy. Or you could eat it like my son and just take random bites from all over the cob and leave half the corn on it. LOL