Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is This Really What I Look Like?

I need a picture for our companies website and was feeling a bit cuter yesterday than normal. So I asked McKinley to take a few pictures of me last night after I got home from a very long day of work.

I had rice cooking and only a few minutes to do this but we just couldn't find the right place! We started on the porch, not enough light. We went to the garage door, too much light. Then we ended up on the side of the house. One big, honking, scary, hairy, spider above my head and I was done.

So here's what we got. Is that really what I look like? Is it just because I'm tired? Or 40 pounds overweight? Or old? Or the fact that carrying 3 children has wrecked havoc on my body? Or is it genetics? I'd love if it were genetics because then I could blame someone else.


I think for my half marathon reward I'd like:

-A chemical peel
-A face lift
-All over liposuction
-A new haircut and color
-A consultation with a makeup artist
-And while we're at it, different colored eyes.

Last time Shawn got me a Tiffany bracelet. I think for a race in San Francisco with a broken foot I deserve a little more.

Don't you???


Tollya said...

You're beautiful just the way you are! (inside and out)

thelifeofaParish said...

what are you complaining about?? i think you look cute! these pictures are great!

Nicki said...

Well, I don't know what you normally look like but I think you look great in those pics! But I can relate as well! The other day, I too was feeling extra cute. I took some pics and immediately after looking at them realized "cute" went out the door long ago! Probably about the time I lost my second mucus plug!!

Mommy's Shoes said...

You are beautiful! And your little girl is following in her mama's photographer footsteps!! Great pics!