Monday, June 14, 2010

What Now Oklahoma?

I woke up around 4 this morning to lightning and thunder. It takes a lot to wake me, so it was pretty intense. At 5:30 I sent a text to my running partners to suggest we not go out in it. I know, I'm such a smart person.

As soon as the sun was out I of course had to take pictures.

My poor hydrangea. I hope it will perk back up. In other news, I won't have to water for at least three and a half weeks. I had to run out in the downpour to turn off the pool pump. When the water overflows, the skimmer really isn't doing much.

And what is it about my yard, an orange extension cord, and a bucket? It's never without either.

My poor stepping stone mulch never stands a chance. And the 'No Float' variety? They lie like a dog. Oops. My neighbor had his sprinkler on. I don't think it was doing a lot of good though.When I turned the news on I got a bit worried. Just about then Shawn called to say he was stuck on his way to work. He sat in the same place for over an hour. The exit he needed was closed because it was under water. The exit that was the only option had closed intersections both directions. I kept giving him updates.

This is just a few feet from the exit he normally takes. I couldn't get enough of the pictures on the news. I laid in bed and took pictures of the screen. Thank goodness for the DVR and its 'pause' button. This guy is getting his money out of that jet ski. This is in a neighborhood that was completely flooded. The helicopter pilot on the channel I watch spotted a girl swimming from tree to tree trying to find a place to get out of the water. He followed her for quite a while and by hovering over her helped lead rescuers to her. Sadly though, when the rescue air boat got to her it sank. Her three rescuers ended up in the trees with her while another boat was sent out.

Everyone made it to land safely. You know the water has to be strong when one of those huge round hay bales just floats away. After almost ten inches in six hours it finally let up. For about 2 hours. It has now rained more today than it hasn't.

My poor spot light is smoking. The girls stayed inside as long as they could handle it. Before long I found Reagan trying to catch a cup full of rain. Oh to be young again...

And as I'm posting this at 12:41 am, it's thundering and raining. Almost 24 hours of on and off rain. Thank goodness we live on the high side of town since we're approaching twelve inches. My patio doesn't seem to know that. The water crested there around 2 this afternoon at half way across the floor. That is on my to-do list to clean. I might wait a few days.

My 5:45 am run might be a bit soggy. Send an ark. But without the animals.



sportzmom said...

That's scary! I couldn't believe all those cars under water. Stay dry!

Cozyflier said...

I hope all the family is safe. It is scary what the weather is doing this year.