Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Strep Stinking Throat

The first time I had strep throat I was a freshman in high school. I thought I was going to die. I stayed in bed for days with a cup to spit into because there was no way I was going to swallow. And why is it when you have razor blades in your throat, you make tons of saliva? Just because it was yearbook picture time, I also developed scarlatina, a rash that can go along with it. I am probably the only person that can tell, but in all the group pictures I don't look quite right. I also was the only person wearing a turtleneck.

Since that first time I've had strep at least twice, some times three times, for 23 years. When I was 18 I started the campaign to get my tonsils taken out. 3 years, 3 doctors, and 3 no's later I gave up. They all said that because of my 'advanced age' it wasn't safe. Hello! Since when is 18-21 advanced?? My point was that every day that I kept them I was getting older. I had proven that I had strep enough, why wouldn't they do it?? One doctor even told me that if I didn't have tonsils I'd get more upper respiratory infections. So?? I'd trade that for strep!

When I was pregnant with McKinley I tested positive for strep b. Apparently my body just likes strep. Since I'm a strep carrier I always have the lovely bacteria living in the back of my throat. My doctor doesn't even swab my throat anymore, he just knows. I'm happy about that. I don't know anyone who enjoys a throat swab. I just gagged myself and made myself throw up while brushing my teeth. Large tonsils are annoying.

I am sitting here now with strep for the second time this year. It's June. I hate to think how many more times I'll get it.

I'm frightened Auntie Em.

And of all times! I'm still working through my to-do list to get ready for family to come in town. But...there's different family coming in two days! Because of my aunt's funeral on Saturday I have a cousin coming to stay with us Friday. And we're having about 15 cousins for dinner and dessert that night. Let's just say, the to-do list is not done. I can pull some things off that will make it look like I finished the list, but the strep throat is kind of hampering that.

Wish me luck and pass the antibiotics!


Unknown said...

Oh, that stinks! Isn't it weird how our bodies' seem to welcome bacteria into one area. Mine is the lungs. I can't get a cold without bronchitis too.
Hope you feel better soon!

sportzmom said...

Hope you feel better. Strep is the worst! My family loves to share it with each other. Hope you get everything done.

Unknown said...

I would HIGHLY suggest that you find a surgeon who will remove your tonsils. As an adult, it is considered an elective surgery (insurance will still pay). So, ultimately, it is your choice.

I had mine removed almost 2 years ago when I was 29. It was the BEST decision that I ever made.

Before I had my tonsils, I was sick all the time. It seemed as soon as I was better I would get sick again. It didn't matter what type of illness I had, it would always start or end in my tonsils. Not cool.

The surgery itself was easy. Recovery was not. There is a reason they say that it is easier as a child. However, I would do it all over again.

I haven't been sick since....not even with a cold...and I live in WI!