Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garage Sale Fun

In preparing for a garage sale the thing that I always struggle with is how to hang the clothes. I know no one that has a rack. And believe me, I've asked. So this time I had it worked out. I had a plan. A PVC pipe and an opening in the bricks and the iron work in the garage.I know you're impressed. But I have a confession. I had to add a pool pole to get it long enough. But I had a sag in the middle. That's okay, I had a crutch. And when that turned our to be too short, I added a little chair someone had donated to sell.I know, I'm a genius. I of course didn't make any money on the chair, but I was proud. Until someone bumped into the crutch. I had to be brilliant again. Aha! Bicycle hooks and an old rope.I know, I know. Pure genius. It held the entire four days.

Before I redid the girls' room they had wooden blocks that spelled their names up in a bookshelf. It was so cute. Since McKinley, Kennedy, and Reagan's names decrease by one letter they were all stacked up on each other. But with their more sophisticated room it just didn't fit. So they went into the garage sale. A big basket of blocks didn't show well so I set about displaying them to their fullest potential. I couldn't spell the names because then people wouldn't want to buy them. So...And before you question the LN, he was my uncle. It was short for Lenes. Neither one of those would have been my choice for a name, personally. But he was an amazing man.

When my amazing friend Debbie surprised me by driving almost 2 hours to bring her family to help, her daughter did this.Mangle. Always a good word. And let's not compare a 4th graders words to a grown ups words please. I happen to like 3 letter words.

Garfield and his friends were entertained by all our word play. And my favorite thing? This. Because of the box I pulled it out of I'm pretty sure it was Mitchell's. It was a hit.

Thanks to all of you who came out and supported our garage sale! And to those of you who donated items for me to sell. And to those who came and helped me so I didn't lose my mind. You are more loved than you'll ever know!

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Cynthia said...

OMG, I had that same stuffed Odie :)