Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I am spending my day resting.

Just what I needed.

Mother's Day is always bittersweet for me because even though I am the mother of three fabulous daughters, I don't have my mom anymore.

I don't need to stir up emotions but I did want to share a few pictures with you.

We wanted to wait three years to have children but after four months of marriage we found out I was pregnant. My mom found out the day after McKinley was born that she had breast cancer for the third time. She lived 5 1/2 months. We know that God intervened so that she could be a grandmother.

She was actually the first person to hold McKinley. Shawn took this picture. It has been framed and displayed in our house ever since.

Isn't it precious? It moves me every time I look at it.

And this one was after she was elected basketball queen in 1961. It hangs on my living room wall. I love that her dress had a pocket. That's popular now. I love how things come back in style. Except the 80's clothes I'm seeing now. That is not in the least bit necessary.

And now back to those three girls I have the joy of mothering. Look what they let me do to them today.Love it!

I hope that the mothers reading this have had just the kind of day they wanted to. I know I have!

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jean said...

My SIL has a story similar to yours. Tommy was born at the end of May, 2 weeks before her & my brother's 1st wedding anniversary (obviously not planned by them). Her mom had been diagnosed w/ovarian cancer in Feb, and died Labor Day weekend. God knew that she needed something to live for - and Tommy was a great comfort to everyone as they grieved the loss of a wonderful wife, mother, sister, daughter, and new grandmother.

Hope you can get some rest this week - you're burning the candle at both ends!