Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Laundry Weirdness

Since I've started following a lot of home decorating blogs, I've been seeing a lot of laundry rooms. Mine is now one of the ugliest places in the entire world. But it works so I'm not really complaining. Today I read this post and it got the wheels in my head spinning.

I know from tv shows and listening to friends that I do my laundry differently from the whole entire world. But I do it correctly, so I don't know why everyone else does it wrong.

Let me 'splain.

When I was in middle school and high school I worked at a church camp during the summers. When I lived with my grandparents my grandma did my laundry. But when I moved in with the college staff I suddenly had to do my own. I had no idea what I was doing the first time I headed to the laundry room. So I did what made sense; I read the tag. If it said warm, I washed in warm. All these years later it still makes sense. The manufacturer of the clothing tells you how to wash it. They should know, shouldn't they?

What I've learned from listening to my friends, and from being given hand-me-downs is, our clothes last longer. Mainly because they stay the right size. We are given so many clothes that have shrunk. Luckily we have three sizes of girls so we can find an owner for it:c)

I do wash whites separately, but only socks. I just hate the smell of feet and want those to be bleached. Also, since we own a trampoline, I find socks all around our property in all stages of stains.

After reading Chris's post, and all the comments, I wish I knew the magic way to keep up with laundry. I try to do one load a day but there are days when I start it and don't have time to finish it. Luckily my new homemade detergent and vinegar rinse keep the clothes from souring. My big thing is getting it folded. I can leave a load of clothes in the dryer for days. I of course will set it to fluff for 10 minutes planning to fold and then move on to something else and forget it. I don't mind folding but I will not put it away unless it's mine. My girls bring their laundry down, sort it, and put it away. They know how to do the washing but I don't want them to do it. They are so busy with school, voice, piano, playing, and being kids. I am a stay-at-home mom and that is part of my job. I do have them help me out from time to time, but it is my job. They will know how to do it, and do it correctly, before they leave my house.

So, anyone else out there do laundry the right way?? Or am I the only smart one? :c)


Kelly said...

I never do it the right way!! My OCD husband does but had to put a stop to that because he doesn't fold and hanestly who wants to wear wrinkled clothes!! I wanna know your homemade laundy detergent and the viniger secret! I too "forget" clothes in the washer, I leave the light on to remind me....but again OCD hubby comes behind me and turns it off....Hey I got a lot to do in a day!! 8~)

nursymom said...

I am completely unorganized by nature. But laundry - that I do in an orderly, proper manner. Clothes are sorted, washed and dried as they should be. Then comes folding. Usually 2-3 clean loads will pile up and then I'll finally fold while catching up on some TV show. I, too, like to wash and fold, but will only put away hubby's and mine.