Monday, May 3, 2010

Hi Ya'll!

I'm sitting somewhere in the Dallas in a hotel room getting to know my cousin Amy. Oh, and two of her sisters. And three other cousins will be joining us tonight. I am in family reunion heaven. I'm running on four and a half hours of sleep but could care less.

Because I don't have time to type, we have dinner plans soon and we're swapping stories, here are my Facebook statuses to catch you up.

*I thought I was in Texas...but with 11 Spanish radio stations and no country I'm beginning to think I took a wrong turn.

*Sitting in a parking lot in Irving, Texas...plucking my eyebrows...

*Crawling into bed at 5 am after a 6 hour gabfest with two cousins I met for the first time today. After a few hours of sleep we'll be starting again.

*I'm lost somewhere in the Dallas area looking for Sam Moon. Send help and jewelry please.

*Found it! It was worth the hunt. Now, where's my hotel?

*More cousins headed our way. Let's the festivities begin! Who needs sleep?

So plan on lots of fun posts coming your way about all the fun times I'm having!


Because of this blessed Facebook I am sitting somewhere in Dallas having dinner with 7 cousins. 5 of which I never knew I had:c)


sportzmom said...

Have a GREAT time!

Margaret Glyn said...

I am eager to hear all about that trip!