Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our snowman/girl and an awesome neighbor

We are blessed with an off-the-wall, random, hilarious neighbor. She usually has in her possession the one thing I need to complete a meal without going to the store. When Brenda found out we were moving in she called and asked if I 'neighbored'. I told her I really wasn't quite sure what she meant. She said 'neighboring' was allowing free reign to pantry and refrigerator items. I of course said yes! How wonderful is that? We don't replace either. I've learned that. She won't allow it. She has replaced one thing, one time, in all 11 years. A can of crushed, name brand, pineapple. I thought it was the name brand thing but she said it was because she had taken one of her daughters and as she was taking it out her daughter mentioned she was stealing. She had to make it right. Since then we just take.

She also shows up at any party with plenty of food to share. If we're having a 4th of July pool party she will come over and mow for us and then show up with drinks and tons of meat to share. They just don't get any better than Brenda. If her children come over to swim she will show up with a snack to share with the girls and me. She has also made my family food just because. She'll just walk in with a casserole.

When the girls went to build the snowman they ended up in Brenda's yard. Her four children, my three, and another neighbors three built two snowmen. Well, and threw hundreds of snowballs. Brenda, being the hilarious, off-the-wall person that she is, donated her hot pink leopard print bra for our snow, now girl, to wear.

It's just the type of person that she is.

A few days later we were mortified to find that all the snowmen/women in the neighborhood had been destroyed. The second one our group built was scattered around in several directions. It was hard to look at. The snowgirl was like this. I must admit, it was hard to see. Assuming that the age and gender was teenage boys (and I don't know that, I'm just guessing) I was amazed the bra was still there. And today, 24 days later?? The bra is still in the front yard. No snow, just the bra. The bandanna might also be there, but I just focus on the hot pink leopard bra when I drive by. Wouldn't you?

And who couldn't love Brenda??

I don't always want to hug her but I do always love her!


Just Joany said...

What a lovely idea... asking if you neighbor. It sounds as if it has blossomed into a wonderful friendship. And yes, I can see that I, too, would very much enjoy having Brenda as a neighbor.

~ Just Joany
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Anonymous said...

Yep, that is SOOOO Brenda! You can't help but love that girl can ya! :) She is one amazing friend! I'm glad to be able to call her my friend too. :)


Anonymous said...

P.S. Did she ever tell you the story about the bra in the tree at church? If not, you'll have to ask her! hehe!


Anonymous said...

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Cozyflier said...

What little I know Brenda, I love her!