Friday, January 29, 2010

How do you spend a snow day?

Well, since we live in Oklahoma, it's actually a snow/ice/sleet day. I was cooking non-stop to be prepared in case we lost power and the girls...well, the girls...were doing this.

Can I just say that it was weird to watch. I could almost picture them doing this on their wedding days. Helping each other get dressed. Straightening the train. Helping get the veil just right. I was torn between enjoying the moment and freaking the stink out.

Since I have my dress, veil, and flowers they had a lot of fun. I also have my mom's wedding dress. It is so 1970's. Growing up I always said I'd wear it. I tried it on all the time. I drooled over her picture and told her I couldn't wait to wear it. But then I got engaged. In 1994. And you know what? Her dress was soooo 1970's. So I got my own. And it was perfect.

Today each of the girls mentioned that they wanted to wear mine. I told them that would be neat but I would be fine if they chose their own. I think everyone should get to pick their own. Personalities are different. Styles are different. They are certainly individuals. I can't wait to see what they pick. And I want their daughters to play dress up with their dresses and say the same things.

How do you all spend your snow days? I can't wait to hear!


Flory said...

too bad we don't really experience snow in our country... I am from Philippines and I love your blog... keep on posting!!! please visit mine if you have time and follow if you like=)

Unknown said...

We don't have snow days. :(

We do have power cut days and on those we play card or board games, read a ton and do crafts.

Robin said...

I sewed tote bags. I'm trying to set up another blog page just for the totes. One that's family friendly where I can display photos. And I worked on the photos for slideshows and it didn't work out so I'm back to square one!!
I'll send you a link.

Robin said...

nearly forgot....I love both dresses. Maybe they will want to wear one. I love that bow on the back of your mother's!

Honey Lamb and I said...

OMG!!!! This is my favorite! What special and amazing pictues!! I want to take mine out of the preservation box and let Maranda play! I remember my sisters and I doing this with my mom's dress! We also tried on my dad's suit and it was so tiny!!! lol