Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Would This Freak You Out??

Because of this crazy Oklahoma weather I have been driving a completely filthy car around. Luckily 95% of the cars on the road look the same way. On the one day that the temperature was warm enough for the car washes to be open I knew I had to go. I usually leave that to Shawn. I can't explain why, but that's a guy job to me. But on that day Shawn wasn't available so off I went. I did choose the place that he prefers. I had no idea what package to buy, and settled on the cheapest because driving home I'd hit snow, dirt, and puddles anyway.

This place does it right. They push my side mirrors in for me (something I hate to do for myself) and pre-wash with hoses and cleaning solution before you even enter the brushes.I nervously got my tire in the slot and stopped at the right time, and even remembered to put it in neutral.

I was cruising.

I sat back to enjoy the ride.

But I saw something up ahead. Could they really have someone standing in the middle of all the brushes spraying my car? And if so, why only on one side?

Then I started feeling sorry for the worker because they were standing basically in the middle of a car wash. I'm sure the raincoat didn't offer much help to keep the water from going every direction.Luckily it was a mannequin. But I have to wonder how many people have been honestly startled by this. I had to go again today because my car was dirty but also because I had to take pictures for all of you!

So I have my pictures, I have my squeaky clean car, and I have a sore hip.

Oh wait, we didn't discuss the hip, did we? As much as I love them putting my mirrors in for me...I sure wish they had someone at the end to get them back out. The one on the drivers side is of course, no problem. But the passenger side... Well, I could have of course gotten out and walked around but it was busy and I didn't exactly look my best. So I did what I thought would work. Roll down the window and throw my body to that side of the car. But my extra large hip and the low steering wheel met and decided to get stuck together. I of course took a sip out of my Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper while deciding which way to go. I won't bore you with the rest of the details because Lord knows I've given you plenty of boring ones already. I did get out. And I now have a wonderfully clean car both inside and out thanks to the hour and a half I spent vacuuming and cleaning every surface. My house is also clean. Dusted, vacuumed, and picked up.

Wait, who is this?


Kelly said...

you are soooo much like me only thinner....I wanted to take some picks when we were in the carwash and my hubby looked at me like I was nuts! Oh and so you know I love my sweet new car...you push a button and the mirrors fold in and you push the button again and they fold back out!!!

Cozyflier said...

He he, I've never noticed that any of the 'people' in the car was were mannequins! I'll have to look.

Ah, why is washing a car a guy thing? I can't tell you how many times I've washed the van!!!

Have fun on the next choir trip.