Friday, January 8, 2010

Did I mention we had snow?

Since I was happy to stay at home during the Oklahoma Blizzard I missed out on getting some good pictures. I searched the local news stations but didn't find anything blog worthy. I did find some good examples of the force of the 60+ mph winds right down the street though.

See how the wind blew the snow up into a ridge and left the grass exposed at the same time?And here, this looks like the sand at the beach after the waves pull back. Just beautiful.But still, I wanted to see how the storm had affected people. Enter Facebook. My friend Mindy had these and I had to have them.

This is a car that is stuck at a busy intersection in the next town. No really, there's a car in there.See!They're making progress.Can you believe there was a car in there? It took a little over five hours to free it. Amazing!And today, 14 days later, we still have piles of snow hanging around. And I slipped on packed ice three times on the way to school.

Now that's a storm!


sportzmom said...

Yikes! Digging that car out had to be fun...NOT! We got more snow this morning--only an inch or two, but enough to have school be 2 hours late! I have a feeling it's going to be a LONG, LONG winter!

Happy Weekend!

Cozyflier said...

Oh how those pictures remind me of the 1969 and '76 blizzards in Chicago!

I was commenting today to Doc that we still had piles of the Christmas Eve snow here in Lubbock, very unusual.

I agree with sportzmom, it is going to be a LONG winter, sigh :(

Carol............. said...

good grief...can't imagine having to dig that car out of that snow!

Keep warm!