Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at our house traditionally involves going to our church's Candlelight Service and coming home for Mexican Stack-Ups, Layered Dessert, and playing games. I spend the morning and afternoon assembling as much food as possible for that night and Christmas Day so that I can spend some time relaxing with the family.

This year things were slightly different.

We woke up the morning of the 24th to the sound of ice hitting the house. We knew a winter storm was coming with the possibility of 1-3 inches of snow but the ice first was not a good sound. As the ice kept falling Shawn and the girls left to buy my Christmas gift.

Let's just take a moment to discuss that he'd been home every day at a decent time and had waited until that day. I was not amused and freaked out constantly until they got home. But Christmas morning when I opened my Chi it was all worth it.

Okay, discussion over.

As the ice changed over to snow the winds picked up. Up to the 60 mph mark. It was awful. Things were blowing off my porch and it sounded like our house was falling down around us.

I braved the front porch to snap a picture of my snowman and chalkboard. The chalkboard had already been blown off the bench where it usually sits.A quick look in the backyard and I could really tell it was getting bad.Just a few hours later and I checked the front porch again.

Hello snow drifts! My snowman's nose looks quite chilly.

The girls had waited as long as they could.For the next three days they were in and out over and over again. I had piles of soaking wet jeans, socks, and gloves in my entry way and patio. We're still working on the laundry. And by we I of course mean me.

Church by this time was cancelled. My Aunt Janis made the drive over but she was quite frightened and relieved to be here. She had brought the necessary items to spend the night. Smart thinking! She had planned to stop and pick up my Grandmother and Aunt Pat but couldn't get in their driveway! Shawn put the Expedition in 4 wheel drive and had a blast going over and back. Boys. We spent five hours waiting for my cousin Tyler to make a normally 15 minute trip from work to us. He would call every time he'd make it a few blocks. He spent an entire hour and a half at one intersection and never moved! He finally made it when he got on the phone with Shawn and went down some neighborhood roads to avoid the traffic. He ended up staying with us two nights!

After putting the milk and cookies out for Santa and kissing the girls goodnight I stepped outside for the last pictures of the day.Even my wreath and horseshoe were sporting some snow.The last official measurement was 14 inches. In Oklahoma, that's a blizzard!So how was your Christmas Eve? Even though ours was different it was just as wonderful. Good food, safe family, and a fire in the fireplace. I enjoyed it until everyone was asleep....then I spent over an hour getting everything out and set up for the next morning.

The work of a mom is never done!!


miruspeg said...

WOW that was quite an eventful Christmas Eve Steph.
You are a great story teller and I loved the sequence of photos too.
Isn't blogging fantastic. When you are old and grey you will be able to step back in time and relive this day.

I spent my Christmas Eve at a party of a close work friend. She lives about an hours drive from my place. It was a beautiful warm summers night and I chatted most of the evening with a group of 30 year olds. Boy I had a great time!!

manda said...

We had crazy snow in Iowa as well! We had 15 inches from the week before Christmas then it dumped another 9 on Christmas Eve after the freezing rain. We were stuck in our house on Christmas Day and it was heaven!! We usually have to rush through our little Christmas with just us and the kids and then head to the in-laws. Not this year! We took our time and had a blast!! It was one of my favorite Christmas Days!!

Cozyflier said...

Thanks for keeping Tyler safe. I still can't believe it took almost the same amount of time to get from work to your house as it does to drive to Lubbock!

Yes, Christmas Eve/Day 2009 is one that won't be forgotten soon!

McVal said...

I love all your pictures! Even though blizzards are icky, they're sure photogenic!