Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What do you know, I can sew!

Well, sort of. I was the award winner for Home Ec my freshman year of high school. But I truly believe it's because the student teacher sewed my entire jumper. (Which I never wore by the way.) We're still friends and we always laugh about that:)

I follow a blog and saw this idea. I also read these directions. I knew I could do it. If it doesn't require a sewing machine it doesn't really worry me.

You'll need:

A t-shirt to wear
A t-shirt to cut (I got mine at Goodwill)
A Pen
A cookie cutter or template
Needle and thread
I put the cookie cutter on the inside of the shirt and traced around them with the pen until I had about 20. I then cursed under my breath as I used scissors that were bought specifically for fabric, hidden where only I could find them, and then savagely stolen to be used to cut paper, hair, food, and whatever else my family could think of. Needless to say, it took me awhile.I simply put one down, sewed it into place with about three stitches and repeated that over and over again. I had the other websites open so I could glance at theirs from time to time.

Here it is all done.And here's how I looked after getting back from the Pioneer Woman's book signing. I thought it was worthy of her. Next up on my agenda...a ruffled shirt. A sewing machine would be handy to make the basting stitch...but I'm pretty sure I can make it work with just a needle and thread!

Stay tuned:c)


vgsmom said...

I've got three sewing machines just calling your name the ROC Resale Shop. Comon' by...

Debbie said...

Great project, great picture and a great reminder of a great evening.

McVal said...

Very clever! It looks adorable!

Unknown said...

I just showed this and your reference pages to my daughter and she said she liked them. Now I know what to make her for Christmas. Thank you!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

YAY!! it's GORG! And addicting, no!? And yes, you MUST try the ruffles! Next up: double ruched v-neck ruffles :)