Friday, November 20, 2009

Little Boys and Chemical Reactions

I had the absolute pleasure of taking my friends Ted and Beth and their sweet boys out for family pictures two weeks ago. Last year they took a chance on me and liked the results enough to ask me again this year. The boys have grown quite a bit but they still aren't huge fans of having their picture taken. But I did catch them a few times with good results.This one though....this is the view I had of him most of the time we were together.Thankfully my beautiful assistant was all about catching and returning.But mom and dad also took turns returning him. After a while though we had worn him out.When these two boys are placed together a weird chemical reaction happens and they start going at each other. Leaves and dirt were flying. To get them both still and looking at the camera at the same time has yet to happen. It would take a miracle.

This is what I got.My sweet friend Beth is someone I admire more than I could ever tell her. She has lived a life that would make most people bitter and she is kind, loving, and gentle.
After an hour and a half of running, fighting, frowning, and throwing leaves, we did come up with some great shots.

This is my favorite.Speaking of the leaves....When I changed that night I found leaves in places I didn't know they could get to. McKinley thought it would help the boys smile if she threw them at me. I'm still planning my revenge:)


McVal said...

Great pictures! I love pics with leaves and nature in them!

Tollya said...

GREAT PICTURES! Of course I'm a little partial to the mom in that sweet family too!

Tollya said...

Actually I didn't know that's what Beth's hair looks like -- we only see each other at 5:30 AM - in sweats and ponytails!! ha ha!

Jennifer said...

I love the pictures! What a great family!

Unknown said...

Wow!! Great pics. I love them. You did a really great job. No wonder she asked you again.
Have a good Thanksgiving!!!