Sunday, November 22, 2009

How is this right?

I am all about fashion.

Well, not really. I am never on the cusp of fashion. Since I only buy if something is on sale, I am usually a few months behind.

Oh well. I have good intentions.

I just don't have a lot of money.

But while watching tv recently I saw something that will soon be all the rage. I don't mind one little bit now.


Robin said...

Okay got it down. Hair pulled back in a messy bun and hold it all in place with a large bug....riiiight!

Kelly said...

hehehe...I tell ya the more and more it goes..the more and more I know we are so much a like! I need to come be your neighbor!

pssstt.... I but every thing on sale if its not on sale its not for me!

Carol............. said...

Cool scarab bug!

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...


Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

p.s. my kids bug pajammas scare me!!!