Sunday, November 29, 2009

This makes my heart stop...

My baby is the goalie.

What in the world was the coach thinking? Who would put my precious baby in front of the goal with players coming at her and a ball hurdling towards her head?

Oh wait.

She asked to be goalie.

And Shawn is the coach.


It worries me. Luckily if she was goalie and Evan was defender, he stayed close enough to protect her.Isn't that sweet? He's just taking care of his future wife.

I must say though, the girl has some skills.Luckily she's only goalie for the first half. Then I can breath and she can show off some of her other skills. It's so good to know that one of the three girls inherited Shawn's soccer abilities. And she returns the whole protection favor when Evan is goalie.At the end of the season the highlight for everyone was the trophies.And I could take deep breaths and sleep in every Saturday.

Well, until indoor season starts.

Help me now.

She is no help:c)


sportzmom said...

So the pink cleats!

Debbie said...

She is one fun kid. I know you are proud of her once you catch your breath.

Margaret Glyn said...

What precious pictures! She is so focused in every one. I am proud of her--and of her coach!