Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's bubbling!

Does anyone else remember that church song?

It's bubbling, it's bubbling, it's bubbling in my soul. I'm singing and dancing since Jesus made me whole.

Funny that I learned that at church since I was raised Nazarene and at that time we weren't allowed to dance.

But does any of that have anything to do with this post? Not quite. But if you've been reading here for a while you know I due tend to ramble at times.

If anyone is still reading at this point...I am about to get to my point.

Oh, there it is!

When our family came into town for the 4th festivities my Aunt Carrie brought her underwater camera. Of course all the children wanted to use it constantly. When Carrie and I sat down to upload and exchange photos on their last night here we almost wet the couch laughing at what we found.

Enjoy!And now a few non-bubbling pictures. Just for fun.I love this one of my Magnolia tree from under the water.No matter how I feel about it at this present time, it is an amazing tree.

And now for your viewing pleasure...a video of me diving. I have skills I tell you. Skills!!


Kelly said...

OK so you know I just gotta know what kind of camera that was? That was wicked cool my kids would be in heaven if I got them one of those!!!!

sportzmom said...

Very cool...the camera takes videos too? What kind of camera was it?

Carol............. said...

REALLY fun pictures!

Cozyflier said...

Ok Stephanie, How did you get the video to post? I tried forever!

The camera is an Olympus Stylus 850W

It is waterproof to 10', crushproof from 6', and freeze proof to 14* F!!!

We are having a blast with it!