Monday, June 29, 2009

We. Are Under. ATTACK!!!!!

I love my Magnolia tree.

I love my Magnolia tree.

I love my Magnolia tree.

Maybe if I just keep saying it, it will be true.

No, I really do. I think.

Growing up across the street this tree has always been a part of my life. I climbed it and smelled the amazing flowers hundreds of times as a child. There was an incident with a small branch, my new corduroy pant suit, and an unfixable rip...but we've moved past it.

Now as the owner of the tree, I do feel blessed. It is beautiful.And does cover our picnic tables to the point that it is 10 degrees cooler underneath.And those flowers...oh the flowers.They are beautiful. And the scent is intoxicating.I wish you all had a scratch and sniff computer.

But...there's always a but.

This happens.I don't know what to call them...but they overtake my life. The stalk me. They follow me. They mock me.

They show up everywhere!

The grill.The brick patio.The picnic tables.And as a mass at the bottom of the pool. Please pardon the blurryness of this picture. You see, it's nearly impossible to find a time when the sun is up that the pool water is not in constant motion.All over my brand new, perfectly laid out mulch.The sidewalk to the pool house.My bathroom and hallway.My den.The stairs to the girls room.The kitchen.My children.And sadly, even the dog.And since we eat outside for most summer meals...yes, they land in our food.

I love my Magnolia tree.


Jon and Steph said...

Oh my gosh, what a mess! But Magnolia trees are SOOO beautiful! We had one in our front yard growing up. It is my favorite kind of tree!

Margaret Glyn said...

I look forward to sitting under that tree on Sat.!!!

Robin said...

eeeuuuwwwwwaaah!!!! they look like maggots.

I can't wait for my magolia tree to do that!!!!

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

I feel this way about lone socks.

sportzmom said...

Don't you hate that? It sure is beautiful though!