Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pushing and Fighting

The main rules at our pool are that you can't push someone in who doesn't want to be in and there's no fighting. I had both happen to me at this very pool when I was growing up. It scared me every time. I hate that feeling of not having a good enough breath before being forced under.As the girls are getting older the pool is becoming a more popular hangout for teens we are having some pushing and fighting issues. I have tried to stop it, but it's a domino effect. The pusher becomes the pushee and soon a crowd is involved. Two people start fighting and someone else has to join in.So far this summer no one has gotten their feelings or bodies hurt.
My fingers are crossed.
And has anyone noticed an underlying theme in all of these pictures? I hadn't until I got them all here in one place.

Yep, my sweet little 7 year old Reagan is in most of them.
Oh boy. Her teen years are going to be rough.


vgsmom said...

I'll admit I am completely jealous of this kind of lazy days of summer. A pool with kids everywhere would be my dream. You are one lucky woman, and a new cool car to beat. Man, what a life!

deedee said...

She is a cutie! And definately a seven year old! My grandkids are coming down from Colorado next week - I can't wait to have some pushing and fighting pictures like yours.

Cozyflier said...

Hee Hee!!! Just wait she'll know every trick in the book!

Hey, you found one with Tyler in it!! How did you manage that?